How to take an advantage of Binance Launchpad with simple trading bot?

Listing tokens is the moment when the possibility of selling and buying these tokens for other cryptocurrency pairs is launched on the exchange. The most important is probably the first second. At this moment the rate stabilizes rapidly. This is the moment when bots connected to the system place buy and sell offers according to previously established strategies. It is an automatic and chaotic process, thanks to which you can lose a lot, but you can also earn. In this short article, I will show you how my little script helped me to sell TLM tokens from Alien Worlds game at a very favorable rate, right after the trading was opened.

BNB staking on Binance Launchpad

In order to sell your tokens quickly at the time of listing (08:00 CET, 2021-04-13), you need to get them in some way. For this, I used Binance Launchpad. Three days before the inclusion of TLM_USDT pairs (02:00 CET, 2021-04-07) they enabled the accumulation of TLM tokens in the account by staking BNB (more information here: I used this option and thanks to it, 1 minute before the listing (07:59 CET, 2021-04-13) I had 100 TLM tokens.

Price analysis

I have been thinking a lot on for how much I should sell my TLM tokens. Token rate found on another exchange helped me a lot - As you can see in the picture below, a few minutes before launch on Binance, the TLM price on the MXC exchange started to drop rapidly, which made me believe that I need to get rid of my tokens as soon as possible. One minute before 08:00 CET the rate was around 5.20 USDT / 1 TLM. Based on this, I made a safe decision to sell my tokens for 4.00 USDT / 1 TLM.
5 minutes before launch on Binance the price started to drop rapidly on MXC exchange.
5 minutes before launch on Binance the price started to drop rapidly on MXC exchange.

The sale

10 seconds before launching the TLM_USDT pair on Binance, I ran my bot which issued a quick sell order of 100 TLM tokens, in two transactions, 50 pieces per bundle. As mentioned above, I issued one TLM token for 4 USDT. Few seconds after launch, I entered Binance to check the status of my open orders. It went fast. Sales orders issued by the bot were processed almost immediately and I sold 100 TLM tokens for 400 USDT. After opening the TLM_USDT pair on Binance, the rate was 0.60 USDT for 1 TLM. It is clear that without automation and bot, I would not have had time to put up a good order.
I sold my TLM in 5 seconds after launch.
I sold my TLM in 5 seconds after launch.
Let's have a look at one more picture below. It comes from Binance and it shows how the price get stabilized, when I sold my TLM tokens and for how much.
Rapid stabilisation of the rate right after launch.
Rapid stabilisation of the rate right after launch.

Closing thoughts

As you can see thanks to automation, you can sell your tokens quickly, right after they are listed. If you have some BNB or BUSD tokens, you staking them and If you are interested in a bot that you can turn on 10 - 20 seconds before launch to sell your tokens, please contact me. I will sell you my bot for 20 USDT paid in any cryptocurrency you want. Bot setup is very simple and you can easily run it on your workstation. In order to do that contact me.
Important information
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